Factory finished, custom finished and do it yourself, once you’ve selected a piece of ready-to-finish furniture there are a broad range of finishing options available to meet your furniture and decorating needs.

Factory finished is to opt for a factory applied stain or color finish. These handsome finishes, offered in a wide choice of treatments, will complement most decors and are often readily available for delivery. Stop in and visit us to see samples of these finishes.

Do it yourself  is the most cost-effective and personally rewarding option. If you’ve done some furniture refinishing, you know that painting, glazing or staining furniture is not difficult. For novices unsure of their finishing skills, there’s help at hand. With more than 30 years of finishing experience we have all the supplies you need and can provide plenty of guidance in your project. We also have lots of instructional brochures with helpful finishing tips available. For more detailed how-to information you can click on these links for working with oil based and water based finishes.

Custom finished is to have a custom finish professionally hand applied to your ready-to-finished furniture. After deciding the look you’re after, our expert finishers will take care to provide the best finish for your piece.

To help you complete your home finishing finishing projects and keep your wood clean and well maintained for years of enjoyment, we carry a variety of wonderful products from General Finishes and Howard Products.

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